David Mhyr

David Myhr took his first steps into the music business with The Merrymakers, a band that remained a well-kept secret in their home country, but gained influential fans around the world. It all started in Piteå (a town in northern Sweden), when the young David was lucky enough to get lessons from a piano teacher who was unusual in that he actually encouraged improvisation, as well as harmonising around melodic themes. ”I was free to try out things. All of a sudden I had the keys to pick out favorite songs, as well as writing my own, instead of just having to reproduce them from sheet music”, David recalls. David’s passion for music was truly ignited when he discovered the music of The Beatles. ”…and this is what makes me different from every other pop musician in history from 1964 and until now.

As far as I know, no one else has ever mentioned The Beatles as their initial source of inspiration”, he jokes. Since he wasn’t around during the band’s existence, he had to mourn John Lennon alone in his room, and create his own personal Beatlemania during the Eighties, while all his friends listened to synth bands or heavy metal. ”You can never listen too much to The Beatles. Their seven years as an album making entity covered so much ground that they’re almost a genre in themselves”.