Daniel Garavini

Daniel Garavini is a highly skilled composer specialising in impactful blockbuster music for trailers with an acute focus on production and the fusion of hybrid elements and orchestra to inject emotion and intensity into productions and bring worlds to life.

Daniel’s music has been performed and recorded by one of the world’s leading orchestras in the remarkable Synchron Stage in Vienna and his work has been used in countless productions across the world including for broadcasters such as Fox, Sky, Netflix and many more.

Daniel is also the co-founder and co-director of the mammoth trailer label Triple Colossal X Music – a company with the mission of enhancing projects across all media with superb quality, groundbreaking music.

With an ever evolving signature sound and a fine attention to detail, Daniel prides himself on his music’s ability to be exceptionally well produced, unique and memorable and striving for exceptional quality to be used in the highest levels of productions.