Brian Hogan

Every time high voltage rock & roll showman Brian Hogan hits the bandstand, he takes complete authority over the room. With a soulful swagger and a passionate set of pipes, Hogan’s arresting mixture of untamed big beat, honky-tonk philosophy and passionate balladry makes every one of his shows a full-blown event. Rhythm driven and acutely aware of his audience, Hogan’s spontaneous response brings him off stage and right onto the floor, stalking listeners like a panther and constantly turning up the heat. It’s the instinctive acumen of a master showman, and Hogan does not do any of it half way.

With a far-reaching repertoire of his own striking toe tapping originals and a knack for choosing material perfectly suited for re-invention, Hogan’s developed his own distinct style, one wedded to both rock & roll’s rich tradition and his own evolving, communicative sound. As a lyricist, Hogan explores some dark, atmospheric territory (with lines like “she’s a woman built to wreck your soul” but it’s never over-bearing nor does it stray from the passionate heart of his own creativity. Hogan always puts his songs over with tremendous feel, honesty and atmosphere and his fluid versatility ranges from the old time romantic hokum of “Lust Struck Fool” and “I Can’t Stop Thinking Of You” to the strikingly tender, sentimental meditations such as “Here I Wait” and “Oh Senorita”. With a well-received self-titled 2010 release, which prompted one reviewer to note “his baritone is more than enough to make you feel deliciously forlorn… It’s that classy, but deeper than [Chris] Isaak’s Orbisonisms” ) and a new, highly acclaimed release Mulholland Drive, now under his belt, Hogan is assuredly on his way.