bodyimage is Los Angeles based songwriter & producer Cait Cole. Cait has been working recently with blackbear, deadmau5, Royal & The Serpent, Trevor Daniel, Mothica, Bonnie McKee, Kozze, Melanie Fontana, Lindgren, Om3ga, Bram Inscore, Shygirl, cozyboy, Smrtdeath, deathbyromy, and frequent collaborators, Jordan Reyes / Aaron C Harmon (blackbear, KYLE, Trevor Daniel, Doja Cat, etc). bodyimage was recently featured on CBS’ “Charmed” for their song Choke and has performed live at Emo Nite, plus supporting shows with deathbyromy, Royal & The Serpent, and more. bodyimage’s Tik Tok has over 50 million views, and 200K+ followers.