Alexandria Maillot

Breathing new life into the Canadian music landscape, Vancouver Island “swoon rock” artist, Alexandria Maillot, takes listeners on a journey through lava-lamp-lit bedrooms and rain-soaked roads. Spinning sonic motifs of acoustic wonder and electric drive, Maillot’s sound is familiar yet refreshing – a favourite transistor radio playing classic vibes with a contemporary twist. With gritted, nuanced vocals reminiscent of Stevie Nicks, nostalgic narratives paired with the electro-pop playfulness of Alanis Morissette circa Jagged Little Pill, Maillot has been steadily gaining momentum in a post-genre era.

Her debut album Time garnered national radio attention and widespread critical acclaim, and now, the budding of a new chapter begins with her full-length sophomore release, Benevolence.
If southern rock, dream pop, and R&B were blended together and baked in a grungy Easy-Bake oven, it might come out sounding something like Benevolence. It is the gut wrench of a heartbreak, the passion of a parking lot altercation, the ghostly shape of a fairground at night.


  • ‘Lonely Soul’ in Wynona Earp, episode 410