AfterSound is the recording alias of Zain Lodhia, a songwriter and producer who blends the acoustic and electronic with pop rock influences.

Zain’s first foray into music was through the video game Rockband, which spurred an interest in learning how to play the guitar. That led to writing songs and producing tracks for his cousin’s band until he had developed his own voice and sound as a writer and producer. 

AfterSound released his first single ‘Find a Way’, working with producer Sureknock Jones to combine guitars and strings with heavy electronics to create an energetic anthem. The song was included on the self-titled EP, which also includes ‘Stand Tall’ – a collaboration with the United Nations that helped raise money for their refugee relief efforts. 

In 2018, AfterSound returned with the release of ‘Seasons’, a summertime track that caught the ear of playlist curators at Spotify and was added to Fresh Finds and Listen Local: Chicago. AfterSound also remixed Jenesia’s ‘Mexico’ which has been featured on Spotify’s Creamy playlist.