Tigerspeak Hero

Tiger Speaks

As an 8-piece live band hailing from Boston, “Tiger Speak” brings a unique, raw, and praiseworthy vibe to the Hip-Hip arena.  In 2010, bassist and composer, Carter Lee, and partner/engineer, Matt Phenix, brought together a coalition of musicians with roots in Modern Jazz, Neo-Soul, old school R&B, and a common love for Hip-Hop.  In an effort to bring a pulse to their own blend of Hip-Hop and Jazz, the now NYC residents depend on a diverse group of musicians, bringing their voice to the genre.  Tiger Speak has manifested its sound with live instruments, hypnotic grooves and modern harmonies.  With recent features in XXL magazine’s “The Break”, Tiger Speak is on the climb.  They were invited to perform at the acclaimed Congahead Studios in New Jersey, an honor they share with the likes of “Snarky Puppy” and the “New York Gypsy All-Stars”.  They’ve also recently performed with producer/artist Iman Omari (Mac Miller, Kendrick Lamar).