Tel Aviv based electro-soul 6piece band Phototaxis, is always seeking for the light in their compositions. However, it can’t always be found. The lyrics remind of poems and stories from old times. Confusing and irritating some times but there is always a whole world drawn to every sentence and a spark of light even in the darkest places. We stand out the unique connection between a soul artist with a mysterious and hypnotising voice (Yael Feldinger) and a fine electronic music creator with an up to date sound (Itai Tsuk), creates a fascinating combination of rough sound with club feelings. Phototaxis corresponds with up to date currents and produce that elusive thing that will make you fall in love.


PHOTOTAXIS can’t do nothing else but write music, which takes them to the most intimate inner-self. They exposed themselves to the darkest rooms and lit them up with furious colours. NEVERLANDER is the fourth Album the band releases over eight years and one who knows them all would feel that they moved towards the light themselves throughout this project. The whole album, from each track to the artwork and the fonts has gained a special clarity; they broke with modesty and cloudiness. The message of NEVERLANDER is clear, powerful and straightforward through each element of the album.  Each track tells a story and the atmosphere brings versatility in music that carries you through wild, loud rides and fragile mysterious thrillers. The compositions and arrangements are ingenious and yet fluent and danceable. The artwork is minimalistic and modern. Sometimes less is more.


The story of NEVERLANDER takes place in a world where human lost their minds. It takes place in a world where addiction to shallow gestures of love and sniffing fake feelings of togetherness became a click of a button. Nothing more. Everybody tamed to feel bored and judgmental in their cube of smoke. But within all this, there is a special breed of people.


The title track and the Album NEVERLANDER were written in awe of those around us who do not bend to society’s conformism. It was written and is performed for those who stay true to their own inner guidance. NEVERLANDER reflects authenticity in a world filled with plastic and self-rating machines, a calm being among all of us love seekers, approval suckers.