Sometimes people find each other, a spark is lit, and they make beautiful music together. In the case of Los Angeles synth-pop duo NÉONHÈART, thanks to a meeting via a mutual friend, what originally started as a producer-for-hire arrangement quickly turned into a full-fledged band. The duo comprised of songwriter/producer HAOO and singer-songwriter Christina O’Connor have just self-released their rich, debut EP Awakening which features four irresistible and bittersweet tracks, ripe for listening. You can download the EP from iTunes.


“Comatose” evokes a heightened sense of sadness with its breathy, pleading vocals (“Won’t you stay one more night“) and textured synths. The tone of the song is haunting, yet beautiful with a slow-rising build of energy and by the time we reach the song’s final moments, it exhales with a deep sense of relief and freedom. It is a satisfying resolution, no doubt, to an otherwise melancholic track – a great reminder that joy can be found and explored in sadness.


“Nothing Left” is an intimate number, lush with resonant piano and driven by sparse, clean drumbeats – a sound that feels polished, but never falling prey to over-produced cheese.


“Road” is a rollicking electro-pop jam that will have you choreographing dance moves in your bedroom and it may very well find its way onto your playlist, nestled between Kylie Minogue and Ellie Goulding.


“You” is a musically playful, fist-pumping dance anthem that gets you moving but steers clear of feeling like the button pushing fanfare we are often inundated with in electronic music.


NÉONHÈART kindly took the time to chat with us about finding themselves as a band, their favorite tearjerker jams, and what it was like piecing together the Awakening EP. Read on!


By Emily Saex from Grimy Goods