Named by his Baluba and Azande grandparents, Kajad Mbolibilani-Gaylor Alobeyo was born in the Democratic Republic of Congo. His mother and father moved their family of seven and relocated to Philadelphia, PA when he was just a young boy to give their starting line of boys a chance to live the American Dream.  It was then Kajad was introduced to the hip hop culture, he then began to teach himself English by listening to Hip Hop Icons such as “A Tribe Called Quest”, The Roots, and Nas. By the age of 13, the gifted and shy Kajad agreed and began rhyming over beats and sharing with his friends in school.The positive response from classmates helped him break out of his shell, he went from writing to entering cyphers in high school showing his talent by freestyles where he became popular and known for his style.

Time for gradation and at the age of 17, he decided to pursue a career in the music industry as a lyricist. Through constant travel and networking Kajad met professional songwriters and producers who helped him along the way. He then dropped out of College and was all in, putting in major work, following suit of music masters before him by selling his mixtapes out of the trunk of his car. He was determined to make his dream happen.

Kajad had a sound and a look that crossed different genres and was encouraged to look outside the box of just hip hop and explore other musical sounds. The evolving began! In 2012, with the help of his team, he put together his first concert at the infamous studio and concert hall in Philadelphia, Sigma Sounds. He was beyond excited to fill the space, ticket sales were amazing. His first concert, was sold out! He was motivated and encouraged, he knew he had the ability to impact people in a positive way. He told stories, painted pictures, and brought tears through his form of art and he was going to continue this journey.

From the time Kajad started his musical path, he acquired a lot of love. His fan base naturally grew from high school friends to independent and college radio stations to print features for magazines. He was then featured in the “Who’s Next” to watch for in entertainment in Thug Magazine and Music Is Life Magazine. Also Nominated “Performer of the Year” at the 2013 Philly Hip Hop Awards as well as “Alternative Artist of The Year” at the 2014 Philly Hip Hop Awards.

The grind didn’t stop. He continued to work, touring cities globally sharing his art with those around the world. Performing in concerts in Tokyo, Amsterdam, Germany, and Belgium. His garden of followers and fans on social networks such as Twitter, Youtube, Facebook and Reverbnation continue to grow worldwide and this flower continues to bloom. His style and effect on his audience is just like the rose of many colors and sentiments.

After rebranding,, Kajad has reinvented his sound. He has grown into a natural born performer and songwriter. The beginning of a mindless rebel.