Ghiya Rushidat

Ghiya Rushidat is an international talent with a refreshing voice in film music today. She brings her unique cultural background, knowledge of classical music and understanding of western music trends to the forefront of her innovative sound. This Jordan-native has already broken ground as one of the few female film composers from the Middle East. She̍s played over 150 concerts in Jordan and abroad.
Ghiya entered the world of music at the age of four. Playing piano by ear, then receiving formal and classical piano education. From childhood, she intended to become a concert pianist, and followed that path until 2008, when she lost her first love to cancer.  Composing became a coping mechanism, and continued to help her grieve when her father passed away two years later.  These events have profoundly shaped her music.
Hungry Hands
Hungry Hands is a band of the rock variety. Formed in Brooklyn in 2009 and led by JJ Byars, they are known for their high energy live shows and unusual avant approaches to songwriting and arranging.
“With the lilting harmonies of Local Natives and Dismemberment Plan’s narrative of life’s various frustrations, Hungry Hands displays an often difficult unease that follows most life changes. But in epic jams like ‘Grapes,’ their intelligence and lush soundscapes make the changes all the more palatable”
“..this is a band in awe of how existence evolves, and what it might mean.” -The Deli Magazine