Crooked Stilo

CROOKED STILO’s story began in the streets. In the barrio. In the pulsating heart of Los Angeles. Facing a reality that too often collides with a fantasy that seems to inundate every street corner of ‘The City of Angels.’


In the midst of that Latin Hip Hop duo CROOKED STILO emerges as one of the most important and respected recording artists in the genre formed by brothers Víctor ‘El Lunátiko’ & Johnny López.


CROOKED STILO are the creators of a new genre “Cumbia Urbana” all while remaining faithful to Hip Hop just adding a little ‘crooked’ twist of tropical influences.


Their highly anticipated crossover album titled “Titulares” is scheduled for release in 2011.


Historically Hip Hop started with sampling (taking sound bites from old records), “in our particular case the records we had to take samples off where my dad’s record collection, which was 100% cumbia, we grew up listening and dancing to cumbia, and the genre is a big part of our Salvadoran culture. The identity we were looking for at the beginning was always in front of us, so we just embraced it,” comments CROOKED STILO.


In 2004, Crooked Stilo’s career would take a new path upon the release of “Puro Escandalo,” in which the group voiced their identity, both ethnic and personal, in a very ‘sensually scandalous’.