Catch Prichard

If there is one constant in the work of singer-songwriter Sawyer Gebauer, it is change. Having moved to Sweden from Wisconsin at only 19, he formed and served as primary songwriter for the mercurial Brittsommar, a band that took off in Europe with a rotating cast of musicians.


An avid traveler, Sawyer crossed the ocean between Europe and the U.S. eighteen times within a handful of years.  He eventually resettled on home soil and in 2015 recorded the Mary Me EP at TRI Studios in California.  Ultimately, this would be Brittsommar’s third and final album.


Last October, Sawyer created a new moniker, Catch Prichard. This signature heralded his 2016 debut EP, Eskota, named after the Texas ghost town in which the album was recorded.  The entirety of Eskota was laid down in one week within the walls of an abandoned bank.  Eskota rests between languid folk and forlorn country; weighty baritone glides over pedal steel and Moog like an oil slick on water. This five-song EP won impressive praises from Noisey, American Songwriter Magazine, Daytrotter Sessions, Opening Ceremony, and Impose- Catch Prichard also received San Francisco’s Artist of the Month in October.


Four months later, Catch Prichard has just released the two single EP titled, O.K. Cool.  The soundscape evokes an atmospheric dream of sweet and low down folk storytelling splashed with spacey notes of west coast ambiance. Catch Prichard’s O.K. Cool underscores the evolution of Sawyer’s core themes as an artist from his earliest dirty roots recordings to his present work  – honest songwriting at its deepest and most raw about love, loss, going broke, and the inevitable, revolving door of starting anew.