Captain Moustache & Fred Ignazio

Captain Moustache & Fredo Ignazio started playing together in 2006. The two fellows grew up in a small, rough mountain valley called Glarus. They soon found their way to the vintage country music, fell in love with the old style and mixed it all up with some punk, rock and grunge to something that’s called fucked-up two-piece minimal-western-trash.


The duo released their first EP “Low Fidelity Science Fiction” in 2007 and sold out within less than two months. From 2008 to 2009 the two were busy building their own modest studio with hand-me-down reel to reel tape machines and a worn out analog mixer, and founding the vinyl-label “Pommes Chips Records”. They released a striking amount of records in a short period of time including their full-length “You’ll F’Up Anyway”


Captain Moustache & Fredo Ignazio played the renowned Paléo Festival in Nyon, the Buskers Festival in Lugano as well as lots of current alternative venues in and around Switzerland. They opened several times for Scott H. Biram, played with Reverend Beat Man, Mama Rosin, The Magnetix and The Pussywarmers and many more.