Bora York

While they live in a land famous for frigid weather, husband-and-wife-fronted five-piece Bora York’s music is undoubtedly summer-esque. Recording a large amount of their songs in Chris and Rebekah Bartels’ humble 2-bedroom apartment, not to mention with the company of their newborn son, Bora York is all about working with what you’ve got. While this lends to an organic feel, the polished production is still undeniably impressive. Sometimes musical talent presents itself later in life. In Chris Bartels’ case, he found his calling at age 16.  While attending college and pursuing other paths, his life’s purpose became clear  – “A friend saw more potential in me than I must have seen in myself, and said to me one time, ‘I’ll probably kill you if you don’t do music as a career.’ We laughed, as that’s an interesting way to encourage, but it has stuck with me ever since.”