The members of AQUASHADE, an Atlanta-based pop rock band, display a musicianship and a knack for catchy songwriting beyond their years. When brothers Atticus and Luke Roness joined forces with bassist Aubrynn Wiseman for a one-off performance in 2016, they discovered an instant chemistry that was undeniable.


Influenced by the modern pop rock sound of bands like The 1975 and LANY, AQUASHADE speaks for a new generation, tapping into themes of young love, spirituality, and the worldly issues teenagers face as they come into their own in today’s climate. All this is on display on their debut EP Chelsea – the title track is a summer-pop anthem for those who are in love and afraid to show it. Meanwhile, “Rapid” looks outward at cycles of poverty and the frustration that arises, driving the point home with a dark rock energy.


After two years of playing frequent shows in the Atlanta area, AQUASHADE has generated local buzz, recently being interviewed by the WREK radio station. With the release of their debut EP, they are poised to take the world by storm.