Andrew Morris

Andrew Maxwell Morris

This album is quite simply stunning with thoughtful intelligent lyrics, caressing melodies and, despite some of the subject matter, not an ounce of maudlin to be seen. AmericanaUK


The self-released Well Tread Roads is his first full-length album, a suitable title for a traveller by heart, a restless soul ever eager to learn and chart life’s experiences. Strong melodies and approachable lyrics abound on this record and you’d be hard pressed to find a better slice of Americana in 2014


‘Well Tread Roads’ warms you up, holds you close and makes you feel richer for having encountered it. Each of the 10 songs cradled in the lyrics and melodies so thoughtfully written and steadfastly felt. Fresh Independence 


Andrew Morris brought a touch of class to the proceedings with an assured set of songs, delivered with strident solo guitar and customary vocal passion and verve. A regular at Glastonbury, this guy needs to move up to a bigger stage right now. Consequence of Sound