AJ Afterparty

Ayax Arroyo’s talent and passion for music was nurtured, brightened and stirred from an adolescent time. He played keyboards in many rock and metal bands from his home city of San Francisco. His understanding of synthesis and sampling evolved to an unrivaled attachment to electronic music.


In the course of his venture he crossed paths with electro-industrial music. The dark melodies and energetic rhythms left a lasting impact. At that time Electronic Dance Music (EDM) started rising in popularity which had many similarities to industrial yet with a finer execution.  Subsequently after exploiting the industrial medium, AJ Afterparty was born.


Afterparty made his electronic music debut in 2012. His aim was to create an upbeat ambience filled with heavy grooves and piles of detailed sound design. He acquired plays in the hundred-thousands with underground remixes of Ellie Goulding, Lady Gaga, Tiesto, and Katy Perry.  In order to propel his career forward he relocated to the entertainment epicenter, Los Angeles, and focused on original material.


His unquenchable thirst for music creation motivated him to learn as much as he could from all genre’s of music.  In 2016, he founded a small production company by the name of “Assembly Line Music” which focuses on various different genre’s and combinations thereof, with the motive of selling songs to artists and expanding territory in the picture sync world. Pop, EDM, Urban and Cinematic styles have been a prominent few.


His attention to detail and uncanny ear in production has acquired awareness of notable ears from different sectors, including music blogs, TV, film, Ad Agencies and even “top-of-the-game” mixing and mastering colleagues.  Ayax is currently finishing up production on a full movie trailer album, working on songs for artist clients, and fine tuning his sound for upcoming AJ Afterparty releases.  Keep listening! the party’s just begun!