411 at AIMP Event

411 Music Group co-founders just attended an AIMP luncheon today with speaker David Israelite.  AIMP is the Association of Independent Music Publishers, and their primary goal is to educate music publishers about current industry trends and challenges we face in the business today.  The AIMP includes in its membership not only independent music publishers, but those publishers that are affiliated with record labels or motion picture and television production companies. In addition, individuals from other areas of the entertainment community, such as motion picture, television, multimedia and home video producers, the record industry, music licensing and supervision, songwriters, artist managers and members of the legal and accounting professions are active in the AIMP.  There are many important legislative issues we face in the marketplace today which organizations like the AIMP address and take the necessary steps to make changes.  To get involved, check for local events with the AIMP, ASCAP and BMI, and stay abreast to the challenges our PROs and publishers are facing every day.

Songwriters and publishers unite!!