2016 Durango Songwriters Expo

Earlier this month 411’s Founder, Kristen Agee, spent a long weekend in beautiful Boulder, Colorado at the 2016 Durango Songwriters Expo. The weekend consisted of three days full of song listening sessions, panel discussions, concerts and open mics. The Expo is credited for the discovery of Meghan Trainor, with her hit “All About That Bass”, and is a great place for songwriters to hone their craft and receive honest critiques from industry veterans.

Durango Songwriters Expo

Agee participated in two song listening sessions and a panel discussion centered around film and TV placements. The listening sessions were 2 hours each and consisted of about 60 people who had five minutes to play their music and get feedback from the panelists. Agee comments, “I heard amazingly talented artists at the conference and plan to work with the people I met. The conference is all-ages, and I was baffled at the courage and spirit exhibited by everyone – from 8 year olds to 68 year olds!  I met 15 year old twin sisters and saw an 8 and 15 year old pair perform together. It took me back to my early violin days playing for judges and going to orchestra summer camps. It’s so important to encourage young people to continue writing and give positive feedback to strengthen their careers. Getting out there at such a young age takes bravery and will pay off in the end if you stick with it. When you keep at it and also meet people on the business side who can further your career, that’s when you start to gain some momentum.”